Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't make my mistake- LEARN before doing keyword research

In order to effectively understand how to do keyword research it is a great idea to understand wordtracker. You can keep using their free tool many times to find out great keyword phrases to search for.
I suggest comprehending what wordtarcker is and does BEFORE actually spending hours using it. Here is their
FAQ page.
It has helped me a looooot.
Wordtracker`s data is based on mathematical equations that are very reliable- (my hubby is a physics teacher and explained to me how mathematics is an exact science and very reliable:-)
In order ot understand what they are telling us we need to read the FAQ sections that explains it to us.
In fact I did keyword research without fully comprehending before and simply analyzed the data wrong. Don’t make my mistake. Read and learn before trying to analyze.
Also to truly understand competition go to google and write allintitle:“the keyword phrase you are researching” to find out how many pages have truly optimized for that keyword phrase.
Also- these are excellent articles that gave me insight as to keyword research- highly recommended:

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