Monday, May 19, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How to make your free signature

Creating a signature doesn't cost money- yay!!!!
To make your free signature go to the following site:

Also read the instructions in the pop up boxes to understand how to use the signature
in various places on the web.

Of course when you want to pay some moeny you can have your signature linking back to your site, add animations to the signature and other cool things. But you can do that later on.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

16 Things you need to know in order to be a successful online entrepreneur

1-Basic computer and internet skills
2-Knowledge of Windows and Word

3-Basic keyword research- how to do it well
4-Basic SEO onsite and off site optimization techniques

Creating Written content
5-How to do good researching for your writing
6-How to write really well- in other words-- useful content
7-How to constantly write more great articles ( how to write more quickly)
8-How to format your writing for the web
9-How and where to submit great articles that are optimized and have text links back to your site for optimization purposes

Web design and blog
10-How to upload a site to your host
11-How to manage and backup your site and blog
12-How to protect yourself from spammers

List building
13-How to build a list
14-How to use email marketing (best one is aweber)

Social networking
15-How to use social networking sites- rss functions on them, digg, etc.
16- Netiquette

3 Additional but very helpful things to learn
1-How to make great audio content
2-How to make great video content
3-How to use both audio and video to promote your site

Don't make my mistake- LEARN before doing keyword research

In order to effectively understand how to do keyword research it is a great idea to understand wordtracker. You can keep using their free tool many times to find out great keyword phrases to search for.
I suggest comprehending what wordtarcker is and does BEFORE actually spending hours using it. Here is their
FAQ page.
It has helped me a looooot.
Wordtracker`s data is based on mathematical equations that are very reliable- (my hubby is a physics teacher and explained to me how mathematics is an exact science and very reliable:-)
In order ot understand what they are telling us we need to read the FAQ sections that explains it to us.
In fact I did keyword research without fully comprehending before and simply analyzed the data wrong. Don’t make my mistake. Read and learn before trying to analyze.
Also to truly understand competition go to google and write allintitle:“the keyword phrase you are researching” to find out how many pages have truly optimized for that keyword phrase.
Also- these are excellent articles that gave me insight as to keyword research- highly recommended:

Keyword Basics 4 part study

How search engines work

Understanding keyword reasearch

Choosing the best keywords

Using keywords in website copywriting

Behavioral research while searching for keyword phrases

Advanced Keyword research

Behavioral resaerch keyword resaecrgh techniques

Monday, February 18, 2008

Free link building software

To download this great free software that helps you in link building strategies go to this page.
It's called real link finder.

I love this forum with other internet marketers

Lynn Terry has a wonderful forum with some really nice people who help out and offer advice. It`s called self starters weekly tips. I love going on there and talking to other internet marketers.
It's a great place to hang out:)

Free Ebook Cover Generator

I wanted a free ebook cover generator and found this cool post with the free softawre download on this post.
Hope this helps you not have to spend money on this.