Tuesday, February 19, 2008

16 Things you need to know in order to be a successful online entrepreneur

1-Basic computer and internet skills
2-Knowledge of Windows and Word

3-Basic keyword research- how to do it well
4-Basic SEO onsite and off site optimization techniques

Creating Written content
5-How to do good researching for your writing
6-How to write really well- in other words-- useful content
7-How to constantly write more great articles ( how to write more quickly)
8-How to format your writing for the web
9-How and where to submit great articles that are optimized and have text links back to your site for optimization purposes

Web design and blog
10-How to upload a site to your host
11-How to manage and backup your site and blog
12-How to protect yourself from spammers

List building
13-How to build a list
14-How to use email marketing (best one is aweber)

Social networking
15-How to use social networking sites- rss functions on them, digg, etc.
16- Netiquette

3 Additional but very helpful things to learn
1-How to make great audio content
2-How to make great video content
3-How to use both audio and video to promote your site

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